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Unicycle Ride for Charity: Last Day!

Today makes the last day of my “1000-Mile Journey” to ride a unicycle for charity.  What started in Vero Beach on August 1, 2010 was ended at Stone Mountain Park on this day after 1021.6 miles logged! Thanks for hanging … Continue reading

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Adopt a Doggy!

Normally I’m plugging the Himalayan Childrens Charities (HCC), and still would like you to donate something to this worthy cause, today I have to put in a word for an orphan dog… My sister Page just sent me a request … Continue reading

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Unicycle Ride for Charity: More Miles and a Layoff

I’m now in that “Limbo Stage” of my project – I’ve completed the 1000 miles before my August 1st deadline, but don’t want to just sit idly resting on my laurels either… So, after a week’s rest from riding, I … Continue reading

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Visit with Friends in Richmond Hill, Georgia

Brigitte and I headed back home to Atlanta from Tybee, but stopped off in Richmond Hill where our friends Monte and Marjorie had just bought a house – on the Ogeechee River!

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Unicycle Tour of Tybee Island, Georgia

Unicycled all over Tybee today – 6 miles.  Total mileage to date is 1008.6.  

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Unicycle Ride to the Tybee Boat Ramp

Unicycle ride for charity. Trip to the Tybee boat ramp with Chuck, with introduction to the Crab Cab Service.Total mileage to date:  1002.6.

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The Tybee Island Fire – Revisited

Returned to Tybee Island, Georgia, again to visit our friends Chuck and Melinda. Rode my unicycle past the lot that used to be home of the house that burned there on April 16th, 2011 (the lot is for sale, btw).  … Continue reading

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1000 Miles on a Unicycle!

Is it possible for a 58-year old guy to ride 1000 miles in less than a year . . . on a unicycle? If not, don’t tell Michael Craig. He just did it – at Stone Mountain Park today . … Continue reading

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Unicycle Ride for Charity at 995 Miles

Added another 4.6 at Best Friend. I wanted to save the last 5 miles for a group ride (and celebration) at Stone Mountain Park tomorrow.  The exact mileage total after today’s ride:  994.8.

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Unicycle Ride for Charity Over 990 Miles

The DISadvantage of being ahead in your goals is that too many times you end up putting them off until the last minute.  While I certainly can’t say this is the last minute (I have more than 20 days left … Continue reading

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