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Michael Craig is an entrepreneur, coach, retired chiropractor and author of The Logical Soul, The Money Matrix Method, and The Six Figure Coach. He got his first unicycle for Christmas at age 10 and taught himself to ride at age 13.  Once he “grew up” he stopped riding, but always kept his old, beat-up 24-inch unicycle as a reminder to ride again one day.

In the Spring of 2009, he learned that his friend and mentor Raymond Aaron was a unicycle rider at age 62, and knew he had no more excuses for staying away.  He bought a 29-inch cycle from Josh at www.unicycle.com, located in Marietta, Georgia, and started training – slowly at first, then working up to about 10 miles per week.  “Blue Boy” has been Michael’s workhorse for the first 16 months of training.

While it has been his intention all along to ride for the Himalayan Childrens Charity, he had trouble finding the right venue.  It was during a vacation at Vero Beach, Florida, that Michael finally came up with the idea to ride 1000 miles in a year, and recruiting other Unicyclists to do the same. The first week in August he logged over 50 miles . . . and was just getting started!

After returning home, Michael purchased a 36-inch wheel and frame from fellow cyclist Robert Coggins and assembled his new and larger rider he calls the “Gold Goose.”Unfortunately, that one was stolen on February 12th, 2012. Determined to continue riding, however, Michael went back to Josh and purchased a nice new 36-inch Titan with a Nimbus wheel and lots of accessories.

Michael’s 2012 goals are to ride another 1000 miles for charity, and also do at least 60 miles in one day on or after his 60th birthday (i.e. “ride my age”).  He and his wife Brigitte live and Norcross, GA and have been married since 1995.

If you have a bike or unicycle and want to ride with Michael or share the journey in other ways, contact him at logicalsoulguy [at]  gmail [dot] com.

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  1. john rowe says:

    hi michael, this is john rowe i work @ best friend park we met this morning 9/13/10.
    we look forward to seeing in you everyday. keep up the great work and knock them miles out

    • john rowe says:

      you should come out to mountian park park on saturdays, lots of people 1mile track.stop by my snow cone booth for a snow cone or boiled peanuts on me

  2. Tim Murphy says:

    Hi Michael,

    I am a Prod. Manager for TV commercials here in Atlanta. I am looking for a unicyclist
    for an up coming shoot. Would you please give me a call? I would like to see if anyone in your group might be interested.
    Thank you,
    Tim Murphy

  3. Brigitte Craig says:

    Update on donations: Friends and family have donated so far 950.00 for HCC Charity….HCC needs $5050 more to close the gap for this year to cover cost. Every bit counts….. Thanks for riding. You go…

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