Day 6: A Sign From The Heavens?

Today was cold. And lots of mean, nasty hills. And I fell a couple of times. Ouch.

But your intrepid unicyclist pushed on in spite of all obstacles and is now resting comfortably in the Sunshine Inn in Dallas, GA.

So I’m not dead yet.

Sometimes I felt like it though, specially when I was resting beside  the trail, and 5 minutes later I see vultures circling above me.

That was a bit disconcerting. So I moved my arms and my legs just to make sure to let the vultures know that they would have a fight  on their hands if they came after me, expecting dinner.

And many thanks to Amy Scheid of the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce, who watched me tumble in exhausted and disoriented and offered to give me a ride to the hotel.  I figured that would take some of the mileage away from my goal of 200 miles, but I said yes anyway.  Tomorrow morning, Shelly from the Sunshine Inn also offered to give me a ride back to the Silver Comet Trail.  I will have her drop me off at the Tara Drummond Trailhead, which is 24.5 miles away from the beginning of the trail in Smyrna.

Since I’m currently sitting on 180 miles for the trip, that will put me over the top. Leaving tomorrow at 9 am; hope to arrive at the 0 mile marker by 1:00 pm.

And on the 7th day – upon arrival  I will rest. :-)

About UniDude

UniDude is 62 and started riding a unicycle when he was 13. He now rides 1000 miles a year for charity, with an occasional wild stunt, like riding 60 miles in one day, or 200 miles over the entire length of the Silver Comet-Chief Ladiga Trail.
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8 Responses to Day 6: A Sign From The Heavens?

  1. David Wright says:

    頑張って! Keep at it, Michael!

  2. Sedii FaSenntao says:

    Way to go, Michael! You are awesome! I’m sipping hot cocoa for ya … Cheers!

  3. Kirk Maynord says:

    You are almost there! The vultures weren’t supposed to be there, they thought they were in Dallas, TX! Pulling for you Michael

    • UniDude says:

      Glad you like the bit about the vultures Kirk . . . those suckers followed me all the way from Cedartown to Rockmart, actually. Maybe I saw them on the way to Dallas, GA, too… I don’t remember… it all got a bit blurry towards the end. It was cold and the vultures figured my carcass would be kept fresh once I expired ;-)

  4. Mradula says:

    Wow! You are too awesome for words, Michael. Your blog has been so much fun .. short enough for me to easily read (sorry, short attention span) and make me laugh out loud. What tenacity and spunk you have. I’ll bet Soma takes super good care of you when you reach home tonight! I send you Love.

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