Day 5 – Unicycle Ride & Dodging Bullets…

(Today I have access to the hotel computer, so I’m giving Soma a break on taking dictation…)

unicycle ride for charity

1000-Mile Project

I lucked out yesterday… I arrived in Piedmont, AL, and was safely in my hotel room when the rain started at around 12:45 pm Central time. One Bullet dodged.

Later I went to get some food and supplies, and was in bed with lights out at 9 pm.  It was raining heavily by then, and continued to pour all night.

This morning I awoke and checked my phone… a little after 8 am.  I roused myself out of bed, washed up, and got dressed and ready to go get breakfast.  It was then I noticed that it was still dark out and still raining.  I thought to myself “Gee, I wonder why Alabama weather is so strange!

Turns out I was the strange one . . . there is a crack on the left side of my phone glass screen, and I saw the “3″ as an “8″. . . it was actually around 3 o’clock in the morning when I got up!!

Ooops! . . . got hit by a (rubber) bullet!

I Felt a bit embarrassed (especially knowing I’d have to blog about it!), I promptly jumped out of my clothes and back into bed for a few more hours….

The rain stopped shortly after sunrise, so the ride was nice enough… another bullet dodged, but another was soon incoming . . . it started getting colder and colder as the day went on!

As before, I made stops about every 3 miles to rest my sore crotch and catch my breath, and reached the GA-AL border around 1 pm CT (2 pm ET).  A couple of hours later I pulled into Cedartown, and was checked into my hotel by 4:30.

This is the same hotel where I burned my socks . . .  so I asked to see if they had a dryer I could use.  They didn’t.

I’m microwaving my wet clothes again . . . but this time I’m watching them very carefully!

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow – a unicycle ride in 20-degree weather is not fun, although I’m more worried about the shrinking and expanding metal and materials in my cycle, and a possible breakdown. The BIG news, however, is that I will cross the 1000 mile mark for the year (once I get past Rockmart)!!

Mileage update: 100.4 miles from Smyrna to Anniston.  Since leaving Anniston, I’ve logged about 47 miles.

Total mileage on the trip to date:  147.4.

Total mileage for 2014 to date:  980 (est.)

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes as scheduled . . . if so I will arrive at the zero mile marker at Marvell Road in Smyna at 1 pm on Wednesday!  SO looking forward to seeing everyone and finally giving my body a rest!

Pls share – xxoooxxxooo

About UniDude

UniDude is 62 and started riding a unicycle when he was 13. He now rides 1000 miles a year for charity, with an occasional wild stunt, like riding 60 miles in one day, or 200 miles over the entire length of the Silver Comet-Chief Ladiga Trail.
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12 Responses to Day 5 – Unicycle Ride & Dodging Bullets…

  1. Beate says:

    Just awesome Michael. Though about you today wondering if you were freezing or wet. So glad you made it this far. Especially liked your story about drying cloth in the microwave. I sure know you are not looking forward to the cold weather tomorrow. Hope you got some good silk underwear. I hear it helps a lot.

  2. Brigitte Craig says:

    here is Houston, TX:
    now will you get a new phone…
    if it get too cold or your uni cylce gives out – Don can come and get you with his new little plane…

  3. Page Dawson says:

    Way to go!!! Yesh! You do need a smart phone….I have a cracked Iphone I will give you when I can get another one. I hate that it is so cold for your ride. Congrats on your progress! I am so proud of my bro!!

  4. Conny says:

    My fingers are crossed! Hopefully it will not be too cold today and you don’t have to stop! Looking forward to reading more tonight!

    • UniDude says:

      thanks Conny – I had a very warm coat, so I sweated a lot. Then I took it off during breaks and almost froze to death. then I put it back on and starting burning up again . . . at least my AVERAGE temperature was comfortable!

  5. Donna says:

    We work @ Good Nutrition in Norcross, GA. Your beautiful wife was just in and told us of your trek. Impressive to say the least! So thankful for your perserverence and dedication to help this charity. Thank You

  6. Gaby Gramespacher says:

    Hallo Michael!

    Halte durch!!!
    Du würdest es Dir nie verzeihen, wenn Du es nicht wenigstens versuchen würdest….ach was, ich habe eigentlich keine Bedenken, dass Du es nicht shaffst!
    Nach allen, was Du bereits hinter Dir hast!
    Das Gefühl, wenn Du es geschafft hast kann Dir dann keiner nehmen!
    Wir glauben fest an Dich!
    Wir haben ja gut Reden….sitzen hier im Trockenen und Warmen…:-)…..

    Liebe Grüße
    Gaby und Markus

    she is saying:
    Hi Michael:
    Don’t give up!!
    You would not forgive yourself if you wouldn’t take it on….but really I never doubted that you wouldn’t get there!
    You have already so much accomplished!
    And the knowing that you did it, no one can take that away!
    We really believe in you!
    And we can talk a lot ….we are sitting here where it’s dry and warm…:-)
    Gaby & Markus

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