The Toughest Day Ever!?

unicycle ride for charityI’m in Rockmart, GA in my hotel room writing this blog post.  I wanted to edit the videos today and load them up to YouTube and my blog to show you…. but you know what?  I’m exhausted, and only want to close my eyes.

I recently saw a show on Navy Seal training, and how they go thru what they call “Hell Week” as part of the weeding out process…. they are marched non-stop, forced to go through obstacle courses, and only allowed 4 hours of sleep in uncomfortable surroundings.

Other than the sleep-deprivation part, this day would definitely qualify for Hell Week. . .

Merritt.s bicycle went AWOL before the ride, no bike shops were open that early so we had to wait, and an 11:30 am start meant we were riding (walking) in the dark for the last 3-4 miles.  Ouch!

Tomorrow is another 40-mile day, but we won’t be starting late like we did this morning (and arriving after dark), After that, we’ll only be doing 20 and 30 mile rides, so hopefully I’ll haves some great video footage for you here soon.

G’night Mates!



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Life Happens . . .

It’s now 7 am . . . we were supposed to leave home at 6:30 this morning with our cycles and gear, and head to Smyrna.

Supposed to.

Somehow, however, life has a way of coming at you in different ways.  This time it came in the form of Merritt showing up on his Trek 21-speed bike for breakfast at 6, reporting that his “Cassette” had blown out and needed fixing or replacing… in other words, he could pedal but not get any traction.

After a search online for a bike shop – ANY bike shop – that might be open early, we found most of them open their doors at 10-10:30 am!  We finally found out that a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods store also repairs bikes and opens at 9.  We’re headed there next.

Meanwhile, I get to do things like . . . blog.

unicycle ride for charity

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Packing for the Long Unicycle Trip

My riding companion, Merritt, brought over his stuff and we spent the morning packing for our 200-mile marathon ride, starting on the Silver Comet Trail tomorrow… we leave home at 6:30 am and want to be on the trail an hour later.


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Countdown to Unicycle Sendoff

It’s now only 36 hours to liftoff! That’s the time I will rouse myself at 4 am and eat a hearty breakfast prepared by my lovely wife Brigitte before she piles me and my riding buddy Merritt into our minivan and takes us over to Smyrna, GA . . . about 25 miles away.

At the Zero mile marker off Mavell Road in Smyrna, we begin the Silver Comet Trail. Brigitte will help us unload, Merritt will hook up the bike trailer and I’ll hop on my 36-incher to begin a 200-mile unicycle journey to the Alabama wilderness and back!

The ride will start around 7:30 am and continue for about 38-40 miles.  We hope to arrive in Rockmart, GA that afternoon around 2-3 pm in time to catch a late lunch at Frankie’s Restaurant near the trail before heading over to our hotel – the Garden Inn & Suites. If you happen to be in Rockmart around that time, join us for lunch!

We’re riding for the Himalayan Children’s Charities – a non-profit foundation that sends 100% of all donations to the orphans in Nepal. So be sure to stay tuned to these pages . . . and sponsor my ride by clicking on the PayPal Donate Button in the upper right-hand corner of this page!

I’ll try to blog every day from now until the end of the ride.  So keep checking back…

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200-Mile Unicycle Ride Scheduled This Month!

Merritt Shealey and I will be logging almost 200 miles between November 13-18, 2014 to cover the ENTIRE Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga Trail in one trip! Although we have ridden the entire length of both trails at different times (see our 120-mile trip last year), this is the first time we’re trying to swallow the whole elephant in one bite! ALSO . . . during this ride I will be completing my FOURTH YEAR of riding a thousand miles or more.  It’s all for a good cause, however, so check it out . . .

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The Best Unicyclists in the World!

I ride for fun and charity (have logged 678.7 miles to date this year on my 36-incher) but doubt I will ever rise to the level of THESE guys and gals . . . the true champions of Unicon 17!

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Traveling Unicycle: Tybee Island Beach Ride

Rode the entire length of the Tybee Island Beach from south to north and back again. It was a rough ride since the sand was uneven and had periodic soft spots that created a riding hazard. It was also fairly cold and windy on this day, March 22nd, 2014. Total Mileage today: 6.3

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Traveling Unicycle: Tybee Island Tour

I always love visiting Tybee Island and our friends Chuck and Melinda Powell. On March 21st, 2014, I took a 9-mile ride around the island, from the south end to the north and back again. Enjoy.

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Traveling Unicycle: Short Ride in Richmond Hill, GA

Brigitte and I had a chance to visit two sets of friends in the Savannah, Georgia, area.  The first of our hosts was Monte and Marjorie Ray, located in Richmond Hill.  I took a quick ride just after our arrival on March 20th, 2014 to Ft. McAllister, but forgot my helmet and gloves!

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A Thousand Miles – Third Straight Year!!

silver comet unicyclingI did it again . . . I rode my 36-inch Unicycle 5.2 miles on Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 to put me over the top for the third straight year since this project began. My final mileage this year – 1021.7 - the most of any year!! While I’ve not been able to post regular videos as I did the past couple of years, I have the footage and will edit them and post as time allows . . . hopefully in January and February during my “down” time.

As the year 2013 comes to a close, I want to thank all my family, friends and supporters who encouraged me along the way when times got dicey. Fortunately I had no injuries, but the extremely wet weather this year made it difficult if not impossible to ride at times.

Particularly I want to thank my wife Soma for her encouragement, riding buddies Jason Oman and Merritt Shealy for hanging with me on several tough rides, and Bruce and Susan Keenan for continuing to work miracles for their sponsored orphan kids in Nepal.

Riding a unicycle is fun, but I hope it also prompts you to open up your hearts and support a fine cause. Click on the button to the right to make a year-end contribution to one of the best tax-deductible charities out there . . . and the folks who I ride for.

Thanks again for your support, and help me to up the ante in 2014!!

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