Lumpy Butt Syndrome…

Today I have “Lumpy butt Syndrome” and could not ride the Stone Mountain circuit today with my buddies. Let me explain…

Like other males in their late 50′s, I have a tendency to run low on energy, sex drive and stamina as I age.  Since this does not bode well for riding unicycles great distances, I opted to start alkalizing my body, eating better, taking a natural thyroid supplement, and receiving bi-yearly testosterone implants.

These implants are inserted by Dr. Nezhat in the area of my gluteus maximus using a local anesthesia.  When these silly pellets go in, however, they cause a large bruise, and the area stays sore and lumpy for a few days . . . hence the “lumpy butt.”

It also a little uncomfortable to ride during this period, and the antibiotics make me a little sluggish.  I decided, therefore to forgo the weekly Stone Mountain Uni Ride, but drove to the starting point anyway around 5:30 pm to let the others know I would be with them in spirit. Well, no one else was there anyway, as far as I could tell, so I came home.  Bummer.

I’ll try riding some today, just to see how it is… Meanwhile, I logged 3.3 miles yesterday at Best Friend, bringing my grand total to 216.9 miles (55.4 this month).

About UniDude

UniDude is 62 and started riding a unicycle when he was 13. He now rides 1000 miles a year for charity, with an occasional wild stunt, like riding 60 miles in one day, or 200 miles over the entire length of the Silver Comet-Chief Ladiga Trail.
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