The Toughest Day Ever!?

unicycle ride for charityI’m in Rockmart, GA in my hotel room writing this blog post.  I wanted to edit the videos today and load them up to YouTube and my blog to show you…. but you know what?  I’m exhausted, and only want to close my eyes.

I recently saw a show on Navy Seal training, and how they go thru what they call “Hell Week” as part of the weeding out process…. they are marched non-stop, forced to go through obstacle courses, and only allowed 4 hours of sleep in uncomfortable surroundings.

Other than the sleep-deprivation part, this day would definitely qualify for Hell Week. . .

Merritt.s bicycle went AWOL before the ride, no bike shops were open that early so we had to wait, and an 11:30 am start meant we were riding (walking) in the dark for the last 3-4 miles.  Ouch!

Tomorrow is another 40-mile day, but we won’t be starting late like we did this morning (and arriving after dark), After that, we’ll only be doing 20 and 30 mile rides, so hopefully I’ll haves some great video footage for you here soon.

G’night Mates!



About UniDude

UniDude is 62 and started riding a unicycle when he was 13. He now rides 1000 miles a year for charity, with an occasional wild stunt, like riding 60 miles in one day, or 200 miles over the entire length of the Silver Comet-Chief Ladiga Trail.
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