Unicycled Over 100 Despite Sickness

I rode my unicycle 2.6 miles today at Best Friend Park! While that is not remarkable in and off itself, the fact that I was really sick AND it put me over 100 miles for the 4th straight month made this ride quite special!  Total project miles:  795.2. For the month of April I logged  100.2.

(As a side note:  I drove about 30 miles to Marietta, GA yesterday to pick up another 36″ tire for the Gold Goose at www.unicycle.com. I have already worn through the tread on the one I have!!)

About UniDude

UniDude is 62 and started riding a unicycle when he was 13. He now rides 1000 miles a year for charity, with an occasional wild stunt, like riding 60 miles in one day, or 200 miles over the entire length of the Silver Comet-Chief Ladiga Trail.
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