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Traveling Unicycle: Tybee Island Beach Ride

Rode the entire length of the Tybee Island Beach from south to north and back again. It was a rough ride since the sand was uneven and had periodic soft spots that created a riding hazard. It was also fairly … Continue reading

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Traveling Unicycle: Tybee Island Tour

I always love visiting Tybee Island and our friends Chuck and Melinda Powell. On March 21st, 2014, I took a 9-mile ride around the island, from the south end to the north and back again. Enjoy.

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110 Unicycle Miles in June – Tybee Island

Michael wrapped up June 2012 by completing 110 miles on his unicycle at Tybee Island, Georgia, during some of the hottest weather on record.  Total mileage to date = 483.7  

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Unicycle Tour of Tybee Island, Georgia

Unicycled all over Tybee today – 6 miles.  Total mileage to date is 1008.6.  

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Unicycle Ride to the Tybee Boat Ramp

Unicycle ride for charity. Trip to the Tybee boat ramp with Chuck, with introduction to the Crab Cab Service.Total mileage to date:  1002.6.

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Final Tybee Ride

After looking over the fire and water damage to #9 18th Street, I took a long ride on the beach (Sunday, April 17).  This time I traveled the entire length of Tybee, from the south end to the north end … Continue reading

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Michael Breaks 100-Mile Barrier on a Unicycle for the 3rd Straight Month!

Sunday morning marked the 3rd month in a row that I have unicycled over 100 miles! It happened on Tybee Island near Savannah.  So far, I have logged over 685 miles for charity, and rapidly closing in on the 1000-mile … Continue reading

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Unicycling is Hazardous on Weekends

Weekend rides are, for a unicyclist anyway, a hazardous time to ride in any public place. When riding my 5.2 miles on Sunday afternoon at Best Friend Park, I had to constantly shout “Coming through” or “Passing on Left/Right” when … Continue reading

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Tour of Tybee Marshlands

Our hosts Chuck and Melinda Powell took us on a morning boat tour of the Georgia coastal marshland between Tybee Island, GA, and some of the outlying islands.  We landed on Long Island for an eco-guided-tour and picnic. I started … Continue reading

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Legend of the “Pig Killer”

Joe Rowland and Michael share spooky Boy Scout stories. During the 1969 summer camp season at Camp Strachan (former Boy Scout camp in Savannah, GA), Michael Craig, Joe Rowland, and “Poopsie” (Gene Powers) set out in Michael’s 1965 Opel Kadett … Continue reading

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