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The Best Unicyclists in the World!

I ride for fun and charity (have logged 678.7 miles to date this year on my 36-incher) but doubt I will ever rise to the level of THESE guys and gals . . . the true champions of Unicon 17!

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Team Unicycle at the 2011 Atlanta Tour De Cure

“Team Unicycle” headed by Robert Coggins, rode the Tour De Cure on Sunday, May 15, 2011. I took the place of Chad Grosklag who is recovering from a broken leg.  Four of us, either by design or accident, pedaled the … Continue reading

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Unicycling the Tour de Cure

It’s official. I’m joining “Team Unicycle” on Sunday morning around 7 am on the Tour de Cure ride for Diabetes.  While this is not my stated charity, I am filling in for another member of the Atlanta Unicycle Club – … Continue reading

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After-Thanksgiving Group Unicycling at Stone Mountain

Al, Terry and I showed up for an after-Turkey trip around the mountain.  It rained, but I was able to get in the whole 6 miles.

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Unicycling is Hazardous on Weekends

Weekend rides are, for a unicyclist anyway, a hazardous time to ride in any public place. When riding my 5.2 miles on Sunday afternoon at Best Friend Park, I had to constantly shout “Coming through” or “Passing on Left/Right” when … Continue reading

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Best Friend Park Update

I logged another 5.1 miles at Best Friend Park today.  The weather was perfect and lots of families were out for walks and such.  Its sometimes difficult passing folks, and especially kids, and I have to keep yelling “Passing on … Continue reading

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Stone Mountain Ride Adds 5 Miles

My odometer gave out and I didn’t make the last (long) hill, but I recorded at least 5 more miles with the Atlanta Unicycle Club at Stone Mountain Park today. Total is now 119.8 miles.

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